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I started DailyFutures.com with a strong desire to research the markets in new and practical ways and share that research with others. I have brought that same desire to my new role as Grains Market Analyst at DTN and hope that you will join me there.

DTN subscribers can read my daily market commentary and articles at online.dtn.com . Here are some of my recent articles at DTN:

    Soybean Prices in Thin Air . . . April 4, 2014
    In case you haven't been watching the grain markets lately, current supplies of soybeans are tight -- REALLY tight . . .

    Crimea River: Rumblings of War . . . March 7, 2014
    If the Washington Post articles by Zbigniew Brzezinski on March 3 and Henry Kissinger on March 5 are indications of the kind of advice that President Obama is currently receiving regarding Russia's advance on Ukraine, then we are likely to hear more strong rhetoric and see some form of economic pressure brought against Russia by the West, but not a direct reigniting of the Cold War . . .

    Seven Bull Markets in Ag . . . March 6, 2014
    . . . When market opinions turn homogenous, a bidding war erupts, sellers back off, and you can kiss your supply and demand charts goodbye . . .

    Large Global Soybean Supplies? Malarkey! . . . February 20, 2014
    . . . before we give up all hope on the outlook for new-crop soybeans, I have nagging question. If there are so many soybeans in South America, why has China bought 1.03 billion bushels of soybeans from the U.S. since November . . .

    More Risk Than We Think . . . February 17, 2014
    Unfortunately, the track record of USDA average farm price estimates in the monthly WASDE reports is not good, but the blame does not lie with USDA as much as it does with the fundamental economic approach that many of us were taught in school . . .

    Problems With USDA Corn Estimates . . . January 30, 2014
    . . . The method of taking USDA's monthly estimates and then translating those estimates into market prices based on the amount of supplies relative to demand seems like a reasonable approach -- almost scientific. The reality, however, is that there are two major hurdles that all producers should understand before using those price calculations to market their grain . . .

    A New Wrench In The Soybean Market . . . January 17, 2014
    . . . If a record South American soybean harvest is just months away, why does China continue to pay up for soybeans at a faster pace than USDA estimates can keep up with? . . .

    How High Could Soybeans Go? . . . December 12, 2013
    . . . With USDA estimating a U.S. ending stocks-to-use ratio of 4.6% in its December 10 WASDE report, the chart suggests that the July soybean contract should trade at 40% above USDA's cost of production, or $14.07 a bushel, sometime between January 1 and June 25 . . .

    The Value Of Vigilance . . . April 1, 2013
    . . . One of the things that I like most about DTN's Six Factor Strategy is that it provides a meaningful structure for understanding today's markets without blinding ourselves to the challenges of a changing future. Yes, understanding the past is important, but the past is never the whole story -- there is no substitute for vigilance . . .

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Todd Hultman
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